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The Kharkiv IT industry turned the city into a technological hub

The Kharkiv IT industry turned the city into a technological hub
Kharkiv IT Cluster with assistance of the international consulting companies PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory (PwC) and IRS Group conducted the region research IT industries. On October 9 with the assistance of the Kharkiv city council the Cluster summed up the results and voiced the prospects of development of the local IT sector. Results of the research Kharkiv IT Research according to PwC, Kharkiv is on the second ambassador of Kiev the place on the number of IT specialists. In the technical industry of the city 25 thousand employees, that is 14% of all people employed in the IT sector of the country work. In the city more than 450 IT companies are registered, from them 40 are a part of Kharkiv IT Cluster. In 2017 representatives of IT business of Kharkiv transferred 5 billion hryvnias of tax payments into the budget of the country from which 43% — in the local budget of the region. 95% of sales of the Kharkiv IT companies leave to foreign customers: 65% - to the USA and 25% - to Europe. At the current growth rates it is possible to expect that tax assignments of the Kharkiv IT industry by 2025 will increase to 14.6 billion hryvnias. The founder of the company Artjoker, Novel Katerinchik, noted the high importance of a research of PwC for all region: "Today special day for our city and all industry. Many years we speak about Kharkiv as about one of leaders of the Ukrainian IT and today we confirmed it with figures [...]. IT in the Kharkiv region bumit, demand grows and it confirms poll of the leading players of the market. Taking into account a high export component of branch and a reasonable threshold of an entrance for experts, today we have all prerequisites to make IT the leading branch of the state". A vector of future development the Research of PwC designated a number of external obstacles which slow down development of branch. The most part of the commercial real estate of the city does not satisfy demand of the IT companies which in 2017 occupied 200 thousand sq.m. By 2020 they need 60 thousand more sq.m. In the city the shortage of direct flights from the local airport is obviously felt. The CEO of DCH I&RE Daniil Vladov speaks about need of development of city infrastructure: "The IT industry shows steady and consecutive growth every year. Today the IT segment has every chance to become the new driver for the Ukrainian economy. That Ukraine and Kharkiv turned into the new world center of technologies, revolutionary infrastructure which will provide high-quality growth is necessary". The serious call for IT business is represented by the shortage of qualified personnel. In 2018 demand for IT specialists exceeded the number of graduates twice: The IT companies expected to employ 3 329 experts, and local HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS ended 1 517 people. Summing up the research results, experts adhere to optimistical forecasts. They predicted to Kharkiv a role of a large technological hub attractive to foreign investments. As the CEO of the large Kharkiv IT company NIXSolutions, Victor Shalnev notes: "Kharkiv is a cradle of three Nobel laureates [...], the strongest academic school of the exact sciences and prestigious higher education institutions, everyone



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