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The interesting facts about 90 ceremonies the Oscar

The interesting facts about 90 ceremonies the Oscar
The anniversary awards ceremony the film Oscar will be held on March 4, 2018. The correspondent has collected the interesting facts about 90 ceremonies of delivery of "Oscar". Anniversary 90th "Oscar" will pass on March 4, 2018 in Dalby theater in Los Angeles. The place for holding an awards ceremony traditional, but time – isn't present. Корреспондент.net will tell about the interesting facts of "Oscar" 2018 and about in what this ceremony already differs from previous. Everything has begun from date Usually "Oscar" hand at the end of February. But in 2018 the awards ceremony became unique already because of date. She had to be moved for March. The Winter Olympic Games which were played in the Korean Pyeongchang just at the end of February, 2018 became the reason. The Olympic Games not for the first time "postpone" date of delivery of "Oscar" to March. In 2010 figurines distributed on March 7 because of Winter games in Vancouver, and in 2014 have presented an award on March 2 because of the Olympic Games in Sochi. The "traditional" leader In difference from the place and time, leaders on the Oscar regularly change. But the 90th ceremony became unique and in it. The second year in a row had to conduct a celebration to the comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Jokes and a show from Kimmel were pleasant to much. The comedian has taken the responsibility for announcement of "not that winner". Despite it, the ceremony of 2018 will also be held by him. Jimmy Kimmel the second time will carry out the Oscar (a photo: the Last time in a row had to hand several years figurines to other comedian Billey Kristal, he held this "position" from 1990 to 1993. And a champion is Bob Hope — on his account of the whole 18 ceremonies from 1939 for 1977. Uniqueness of "Oscar" because of uniqueness of nominees Many actors, directors, operators and other nominees of an anniversary ceremony are in something unique. A part of "superiority branches" in this direction at women, black and sexual minorities. The director Greta Gerwig debuted on "Oscar" with the movie "Lady Byrd" and became the fifth woman applying for a figurine "the best director" in all 90 years of a film award. Greta Girving on shooting of Lady Byrd One more woman - 39-year-old Rachelle Morrisonstala the first woman who is laying claim "The Best Operator". The director "Jourdan Polstal's traps the black director fifth in the history nominated for a rank "The Best Director". The Afro-Americans didn't win this category yet. The nominee third in the history for "Oscar" the transgender who is openly speaking about it is the Film director Yans Ford. Fight for titles of the "best" actor and the actress Odnimi from the main contenders for "Oscar" of 2018 in "the best actor" and "the best actress" nominations – Meryl Streep and Gary Oldman. The absolute record-holder among actors by quantity of the nominations on "Oscar", she has Streep them 21. Three times Meryl Streep received a gold figurine for career. The actress can receive the fourth award for a role Kaye Graham in the drama thriller by Steven Spielberg "The confidential file". Meryl Streep as Kaye Graham (a photo: a shot from YouTube) But because of sensational sex scandal of Harvey Weinstein, in which Streep a podder



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