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The ideal breakfast for patients with diabetes is called

Omelet helps diabetics to avoid strong emission of glucose after a meal and to stabilize its level during the day.
Omelette is an ideal breakfast for patients with type 2 diabetes. Scientists from British Columbia (Canada) came to such conclusion, writes the Medical Express magazine.
according to experts, this dish helps to prevent emission of sugar in blood and to control glucose level during the day.
the Experiment was made on volunteers. In the first day they had breakfast omelet, in the second – porridge with fruit, other meals were absolutely identical. At the same time the monitors fixed on a body controlled glucose level in blood each five minutes.
Also participants reported on feeling of hunger or satiety and desire to eat something sweet.
Became clear that the breakfast with the low content of carbohydrates and high – fats (omelet) not only helps to avoid emission of sugar in blood right after meal, but also the whole day stabilizes glucose level.
Diabetes of the second type (insulinnezavisimy) arises because of violation of interaction of fabrics with insulin unlike the type 1 diabetes connected with deficiency of production of insulin.

Scientists found new danger of
sugar we Will remind, earlier scientists said that regular alcohol intake reduces risk of diabetes. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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