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The idea in itself is possible

The idea in itself is possible
We live during an era of startups. The Ukrainian IT industry shows high growth rates. Export of IT services already makes 3% of the Ukrainian GDP, and it is not a limit. Potential at branch big. About features of the Ukrainian IT startups, their weak and strengths of Корреспондент.net has communicated to Anastasia Belous. Anastasia Belous is Top manager in the sphere of management, development and advance of business. For more than ten years of work, Anastasia has helped to base and to successfully bring to the market more than 35 services, platforms and products for the most different industries, such as dating, social media, wearables, medicine and marketing. Success of many large companies from around the world, including the USA, Germany, Scotland, Australia and Ukraine depends on her examination. Projects under her management as SOO in the company TN Labs, Noosphere Ventures have grown in multimillion profitable startups and the companies. She is the honorary invited expert on The European Summit (Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic), Collision Conference (USA), Webmaster Access conference (Netherlands) and Affiliate World (Thailand and the USA) where shares the examination with the leading colleagues from around the world. What is examination of startups as it happens? I can share process which we had, in the Ukrainian-American investment fund Noosphere Ventures. But in principle it is the standard scheme for most investment funds. The small companies address fund, submit applications, for the purpose of receiving investments. Maintenance them that all documentation, all presentations have been filled according to our criteria was my task. Further – formation of focus group from our investment fund, that is set of those people who understand specifics of this startup. For example, if it is some medical startup which helps to measure the content of sugar in blood, then I needed physicians who would confirm that all this is safe, won't do much harm to health and so on. Or, for example, a startup which helps people to fall asleep quicker, without tablets. Respectively too I need medical employees – experts who will confirm that this mechanism really fixes a problem and doesn't cause side effects. After that I form the list of questions for the project: - operational questions, the business plan, the command, development plans for the project for the next 3-5 years. - functional features of the project – of what it consists in what his counters which aren't in the market. - questions of statistical and financial property - marketing questions on which I personally acted as the expert I carried out marketing expertize in order that in the future, in case of investment to develop competent marketing and a public relations the plan. It is necessary in order that the startup at the minimum expenses could work with the maximum return. - technical questions. When I receive the package of documents of answers to everyone raised before founders of a startup a question together with focus group we study the provided information. Experts prepare I will develop



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