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The huge iceberg has broken away from a glacier in Antarctica

The huge iceberg has broken away from a glacier in Antarctica
He has separated from a glacier Pine-Aylend in the Western Antarctica. By the sizes he concedes to the city of Kharkiv a little. In Antarctica from the glacier Pine-Aylend located in the west of the continent the iceberg has broken away. By the sizes the huge ice floe is comparable to Kharkiv - its area is 300 square kilometers while the square of the city is 50 kilometers more. Writes Gizmodo about it. "What is especially remarkable in this event, so is that the frequency of formation of icebergs, it seems, increases. In the 2000th years of an event of such scale there were approximately each five years. But since 2013 there were already four events, including last year", - the expert in the field of remote sensing of ices Steve Lermitt from the University in Delft notes in this occasion. According to experts, recently a glacier Pine-Aylend catastrophically decreases while the stream of icebergs grows. On information provided by the satellite, a forward part of a glacier for decades slipped to the ocean. However in recent years it has begun to collapse promptly. Lermitt emphasizes that these changes have enormous value for the prospect of increase in level of the ocean. "This area is one of potential points hot literally in Antarctica", - he has noted. Earlier it was reported that in Antarctica strange movement of an iceberg of A-68 which has broken away from a glacier Larsen S. has been recorded. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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