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The game dependence was called a mental disorder

The game dependence was called a mental disorder
At the same time representatives of World Health Organization have noted that very small amount of gamers suffers from him. The World Health Organization has ranked game dependence as mental disorders. Writes CNN about it. In the new edition of the International classification of diseases the dependence has received the official name - "game frustration". This qualifier is used in the work by scientists, doctors and insurance companies. It is possible to diagnose frustration by three main criteria. First, game activities are paramount in human life. He doesn't realize negative consequences of dependence and continues to abuse games. And also, this dependence leads to depreciation of the person in personal, family, social, educational or professional functioning. According to WHO representatives, this diagnosis can be attributed to only very insignificant number of people. However nevertheless, according to experts, it is necessary to treat hobby for video games more vigilantly. Earlier it was reported that scientists have announced gradual decrease in the IQ level at the person. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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