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The former boxer in Africa was privselyudno executed to death

The former boxer in Africa was privselyudno executed to death
Women of the settlement were tired of constant robberies. The former champion of Africa South African Manelisi of "Leli" to Mbilasa has been killed cruelly. The boxer who was considered the leader of gang from the neighboring area was killed with stones in the settlement of Mdantsane. Has come across to Mbilasa after attack in the train two women. Those after attack have come to the settlement, have brought together all girls and have found in the boxer's thickets when he tried to change clothes and hide the stolen bag. His accomplices managed to run away, and here Manelisi was shipped in a wheelbarrow and have dragged him under the local mayor's office "for edification of others". Police officers and physicians "have hardly fought" the beaten ex-boxer off people who were going to pour his gasoline and to burn, and have taken away in hospital where he has died. The brother of the dead has said that that has conceived a liking for drugs and "thought only of receiving a new dose". Subscribe also for our page about boxing in Telegram!



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