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The first in the history. Parker has approached the Sun

The first in the history. Parker has approached the Sun
NASA has sent the epoch-making solar probe which the first will touch to our star to space. He has already sent the first data to Earth. The solar probe NASA Parker has successfully endured the first rapprochement with the Sun. The device has collected scientific data and has set up new records - on the speed of the movement among artificial objects and proximity to the Sun. Parker the first in the history will fly by through a crown of the Sun, having actually touched our star. Корреспондент.net tells details. The first rapprochement with the Sun on October 31 Parker has begun the first rapprochement with the Sun. On November 5, having reached record speed in 343 thousand kilometers per hour, he has passed a perihelion (the point of the orbit, next to the Sun) at distance about 24 million kilometers from a star. "And he will move quicker and quicker to perihelions", - experts of a mission have emphasized. On November 8 scientists on Earth have received the first signal from the solar device. "The received signal - a signal And - is the best of all possible and demonstrates that Parker Solar Probe works normally and all his tools work and collect data and if there were insignificant problems, they have been solved by the device automatically", - have reported in NASA. Small Sun. Why Jupiter is so beautiful Scientists have received a signal from Parker/NASA the Probe has broken the record of the device Helios-B which in 1976 flew up to the Sun on 43,5 million kilometers. At this Parker was in the extreme conditions including strong heating, influence of charged particles and radiation from the Sun. He is protected by the cooling system and a heat-shielding board under which all scientific devices take cover. Finally the phase of the first rapprochement will terminate on November 11 and in several weeks the probe will begin to transfer data to Earth. Way to the Planet of X. The goblin on the edge of Solar system the Epoch-making mission the Epoch-making space mission of NASA for the detailed studying of a crown of the Sun first in the history started on August 12. In space the probe Parker has been launched by the carrier rocket Delta IV Heavy. The mission is unprecedented in realization details. So the probe Parker which has received a name in honor of the astrophysicist Eugene Parker described the solar wind causing a polar light and magnetic storms on Earth for the first time in the history literally will dive into an upper atmosphere of the Sun. Behind primary matter. Rovers mudflows on an asteroid This device became the first in the history of NASA, called in honor of the person. To Parker now 91 years, in 1958 he has written work in which I have predicted existence of solar wind (the stream of charged particles which is constantly let out by the Sun). Then his theory was perceived by many in bayonets while existence of wind on has been proved experimentally in 1962 during Mariner-2 mission to Venus. With the naked eye from Earth we can observe only a small part of sunlight therefore the Sun seems to us very quiet and stable disk. However our star is continuously broken off on a part by powerful explosions therefore streams of charged particles and electromagnetic radiation - so-called solar wind - to the razla



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