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The fastest McLaren was shown on a photo

On the eve of an official debut in Network there were pictures of new hybrid McLaren Speedtail which lays claim to the fastest in the history of brand. New the superhybrid of McLaren Speedtail which has to become the most magnificent in a line was shown on a photo. Jalopnik reports about it. McLaren promises that Speedtail will become one of the most luxury cars in a line of producer. The superhybrid will be released in almost any desirable color. Besides, for a car will create sets of emblems from white gold, platinum, aluminum and also in the form of a simple sticker. The Vaughtons company creating the Olympic medals and cups will make such unusual ravines. McLaren Speedtail will leave in a triple variation of salon. It will be equipped gasoline – electrical hybrid unit on the basis of eight-cylinder 570S GT4. Power of such installation will be 1000 horsepowers. Well hello there McLaren #SpeedTail 🇬🇧

What do we think team? 🤔#McLaren — Oli (@AutoBant) on October 25, 2018. Presumably to hundred kilometers the supercar will accelerate in two seconds, and 420 kilometers per hour will become the maximum speed of a car. The day before Mazda has shown video with the new hatchback - "three". Also the seven-seater X7 crossover I have presented a novelty to BMW. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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