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The excluded Boyko made scandal in Oppobloka

The former cochairman of party wrote the application to the police on ex-members of the same party. Those called it "denunciation" with the purpose to break a congress. The party leadership Opposition bloc on Wednesday, December 11, was called for questioning in the Ministry of Internal Affairs according to the statement of the former head of party Yuriy Boyko, the press service of political force on the official site reports. "On Tuesday, December 11, on interrogation the cochairman of Opposition bloc Boris Kolesnikov and the cochairman of political executive committee of party Alexander Kasyanyuk are summoned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for evidence on the criminal proceedings opened on Yuriy Boyko's denunciation. Our former colleague People's Deputy Yuriy Boyko on the eve of the congress planned for December 15 Opposition bloc wrote the application in National police to break a congress. Yuriy Boyko who left Opposition bloc does not agree that the party will continue the existence without it", – it is said in the statement.

Is reported that Boyko accuses ex-members of the same party of preventing of activity of political parties (Article 170 of the Criminal code of Ukraine) and forgery (Article 358 to UK).

In Oppobloka reminded that Boyko and Sergey Levochkin were expelled from fraction after made the decision on merge to other political force. "At the same time Yuriy Boyko even said publicly that the Opposition bloc for it remained in the past", - emphasized in party. The party noted that "denunciations in law enforcement agencies of the former colleagues is an act mean and unworthy". "All this situation is even sillier looks if to pay attention that denunciations of colleagues oppositionists to the authorities are written by allegedly oppositional politician. Undoubtedly, his pseudo-opposition after these actions became obvious also to ordinary Party members, and to millions of Ukrainian voters", - said in Oppobloka. The party assured that the congress will take place on December 15 and at it an assessment will be given to an event.

Boris Kolesnikov in the comment told one of media details of the conflict with Boyko. "My statement (on air of one of radio stations - an edition) formed the basis of a denunciation of Yuriy Boyko which stated about leaving Opposition bloc already publicly. He accuses me and my colleague Alexander Kasyanyuk that I broadcast, and our cochairman of executive committee forged documents. The cochairman of executive committee cannot forge documents if he sends them on its own behalf", – Kolesnikov said. He considers a nonsense that one of leaders of opposition writes the application of authorities in power for the colleagues from opposition to break a congress of opposition party. Let's remind, Oppobloka said earlier that Boyko and Levochkin were expelled from parliamentary fraction for cooperation with the present power and treachery of interests of voters. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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