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The European mission started to Mercury

From Guiana Space Centre the Ariane 5 rocket which has sent to seven years' flight BepiColombo mission to Mercury started.
Spacecrafts of the first European mission for studying of Mercury of BepiColombo on Saturday, October 20, successfully started from Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana. Broadcast of start was conducted on the website of the European Space Agency. the Carrier rocket Ariane 5 will deliver to
to Mercury two orbital devices. Probes will achieve the objectives by December, 2025 and will stay in an orbit not less than a year, collecting data on structure, density, magnetic field and an exosphere of Mercury.
the European Space Agency has started BepiColombo mission in partnership with the Japanese agency of space researches.
of Liftoff of #Ariane5! #BepiColombo

of Watch live: — ESA (@esa) on October 20, 2018. Scientists have revealed a secret of a dark surface of Mercury we Will remind, in 2016 the planet, next to the Sun, Mercury has made pass between Earth and a star of our system. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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