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The driver of Lamborghini crashed into Bentley and G-Wagen

The leased sports car has damaged five cars. among which there are several cars of a representative class. The driver of the Lamborghini racing car crashed into Audi then one of a car has taken out on the parking. An incident has occurred on the New Arbat in the center of Moscow. Video from the place of road accident was posted by the driver of one of affected cars. On a roller it is visible that Lamborghinis "have stopped" a column on the one hand and some of the parked cars - with another. The voice-over comments on the events, reporting that there are no victims. On the Arbat of "Lamborghini" has flown in the parked cars. "Bentley", Gelik and so on a trifle are beaten.

Mercedes of the blogger Guseynov, he the first has also reported about road accident to the world. There are no victims.
of Lambo by the way leased. — I Say & I Show (@MOCKBA999) September 17, 2018 Also the author of video has reported that the sports car has damaged Bentley, Gelandewagen and still "on a trifle". He has reported that Lamborghini was leased. Earlier in the UAE the tourist from Britain in three hours has received 33 penalties on leased Lamborghini Also the Correspondent wrote that the grandson has found in the grandmother's garage the rare supercar of News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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