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The doctor and a rank for Ukraine. What was found on the second poisoner Skripal

The doctor and a rank for Ukraine. What was found on the second poisoner Skripal
Journalists claim that the second suspect of poisoning of the former colonel of GRU Sergey Skripal Alexander Petrov was the medical officer and repeatedly visited Ukraine. Sergey Skripal's "poisoners" who were shown on the Russian television continue to be identified under their real names. In any case journalists who find the mass of similarities are sure of it. Earlier in Ruslan Boshirov journalists have recognized the colonel Anatoly Chepigu. Now the turn and its colleagues has come. The Bellingcat group and the The Insider edition claim that the Real name of Alexander Petrov — Alexander Evgenyevich Mishkin. The has collected new information on the second suspect of Skripal's poisoning. The doctor from GRU according to journalists, Mishkin was born on July 13, 1979 in the settlement of Loyga in the Arkhangelsk region. In 1995 Mishkin has moved to St. Petersburg and two years later has come to Army medical college of Kirov in St. Petersburg (ВМедА) where was trained at the 4th faculty training doctors for navy in a gipobarichesky medicine. During Mishkin's study have enlisted in GRU, by 2010 he has moved to Moscow where have secretly provided him the second Russian internal and international passport addressed to "Alexander Petrov", journalists claim. What Mishkin was engaged in the first years of work in GRU, not clearly in. During the period from 2010 to 2013 it several times happened in Transnistria and Ukraine. Prior to the beginning of September, 2014 Mishkin has been officially registered to the address Horoshevskoye Highway, 76 where there is a GRU headquarters (also Chepiga has been registered in the same place). "We identified "Alexander Petrov" as the real doctor Alexander Evgenyevich Mishkin, the medical officer on service GRU. Process of identification of Bellingcat included a set of open sources, the certificate from people who are familiar with him and also copies of the documents identifying the personality including the scanned copy of his passport", - journalists tell. According to them, unlike Anatoly Chepigi, biographic data of Petrov coincide with Mishkin's characteristics, in particular, date of birth, a name and a middle name and also surnames of parents. The Ukrainian trace from 2011 to 2018 Alexander Mishkin traveled To the period under the name of Petrova much. "Bellingcat has found repeated trips of Mishkin to Ukraine and the self-proclaimed Dnestr republic, last of which has taken place during the Maidan in Kiev in December, 2013", - it is said in investigation. In the fall of 2014 Alexander Mishkin and Anatoly Chepiga have moved to high quality apartments. Journalists don't know a present military rank of Mishkin. "However proceeding from the known division into ranks of Military medical academy (release of the Russian medical officers with a rank of the senior lieutenant) and past tense (15 years), it is possible to claim that at the time of poisoning with Skripalya he was either the lieutenant colonel, or the colonel", - journalists assume. What is told by familiar Journalists of Bellingcat and Insider have interviewed several sources, з



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