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The closed data. Ukraine thinks of air defense systems of the USA

Kiev works with Washington in the direction of military and technical cooperation, the Ukrainian ambassador has confirmed. Mass media have reported that Ukraine has sent to Washington official request for acquisition of at least three systems of air defense. It was noted that Kiev brought up a question of purchase during the meeting of presidents Petro Poroshenko and Donald Trump in Brussels and also during the visit of the adviser to the head of the White House of national security John Bolton to Kiev. However later the ambassador of Ukraine in the USA Valery Chaly has explained that the press incorrectly interpreted his words. Корреспондент.net tells details. Ukraine wants the American air defense systems the Ukrainian ambassador in the USA has told that Kiev works with Washington in the direction of military and technical cooperation, however information on the interests of Ukraine in the American air defense systems is closed. Will discourage at the Russian Federation. The western experts about Javelin "Unfortunately, many media incorrectly interpreted what I told, having connected fragments from different parts of an interview. Really, we constantly conduct this work - it is the truth. But to say that there is a concrete inquiry - first, it is the classified information, but work is conducted and will continue", - Chaly in an interview of Radio to Svoboda has explained. The ambassador has noted that there was "theoretically" a question how many there are air defense systems now. "I said that in shops you won't buy such systems, and called rough estimates of cost", - Chaly has told. The day before mass media have reported that the ambassador has said in an interview to Radio NV inquiry of Ukraine in the USA on acquisition of three air defenses complexes, the cost of each of which reaches about 750 million. "Our requirements of the next period, in my opinion, this sea space, military airspace. It is without what we won't be able just to provide defense of the country", - he said.

Besides air defense systems, Chaly has noted, Ukraine needs UAVs, counterbattery radars and countersniper systems. At the end of 2017 the American president Donald Trump has approved the decision on deliveries to Ukraine of lethal weapon. It was initially supposed that the Ukrainian side will be able to receive only defensive arms. On March 1 the State Department has decided to sell to Ukraine 210 anti-tank missiles of Javelin and 37 launchers to them for the total amount about 47 million dollars. The American Embassy in Ukraine reported that expenditure have been covered from the budget of the USA. Besides, Ukraine has received the large-caliber M107A1 sniper rifles, ammunition and also accompanying details and accessories to them for 41,5 million dollars. In May the National guard has received 500 grenade launchers of RSRL-1. Also Ukraine expects delivery of the American boats which the Ukrainian opportunities in the Black Sea basin have to strengthen. In 2019 Ukraine plans to allocate more than seven billion dollars for defense expenditures. This sum exceeds five percent of GDP. These means have to go for development and purchase of modern high-precision missile armament, military equipment and also for improvement возможност



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