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The cause of the crash of the helicopter in Russia is called

The cause of the crash of the helicopter in Russia is called
At take-off the helicopter with passengers was hooked for freight of other helicopter then has fallen and has completely burned down. The Mi-8 helicopter which has crashed in Krasnoyarsk Krai of Russia at take-off has collided the freight fixed on an external pendant of other helicopter. It on Saturday, August 4, RIA Novosti with reference to the representative of the emergency services of the region reports. "The Mi-8 helicopter of the Utair company (board number 25640) went along Vankor-Harkasale's route. At take-off there was a collision with the freight fixed on a cable of an external pendant of other Mi-8 helicopter", - the interlocutor of the agency has told. He has specified that onboard the aircraft there were rotational workers from oil pumping station No. 1 (Vankor). According to preliminary data, accident has happened around 10.00 local time near the Vankorsky field. SK has reported that onboard there were three crew members and 15 passengers shift workers all who were onboard have died. On this fact criminal case as regards the 3rd article 263 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (the violation of safety rules and operation of air transport which has entailed the death of two or more persons on imprudence) is brought. Rosaviatsia has reported to the agency that the crew of the second helicopter has managed to put the aircraft. "According to preliminary data, at 5 in the morning Moscow time two helicopters of airline of the joint-stock company UTair-helicopter services carried out take-off close from each other near the Vankorsky oil field. The first take-off has carried out the Mi-8 helicopter with an external cargo pendant and without passengers onboard, the second take-off has executed crew of the Mi-8AMT helicopter with passengers — workers of rotational changes — for their delivery to the oil pumping station" — have reported in Rosaviatsia. According to preliminary information, after take-off the Mi-8AMT helicopter with passengers onboard for the unspecified reasons has collided an external pendant of the helicopter with freight, has fallen, has collapsed and has burned down. The crew of the helicopter without passengers has dumped an external cargo pendant and has executed landing, the crew hasn't suffered. We will note, this week the Mi-2 helicopter in Krasnodar Krai has crashed, the pilot has died. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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