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The Cabinet of Ministers has prepared three options of advance in price of gas

Advance in price of gas in Ukraine
At the best of scenarios gas for Ukrainians will cost 8268 UAH for thousand CBM, at the worst - nearly 11 thousand. The government considers three scenarios of calculation of gas price for the population. It is said the Economic truth writes. The first option — Hub — the price on the German hub plus expenses on transportation. It is the most expensive option, his government tries to avoid, it is told in article. At a margin of 2,5% with the VAT (a margin of the PSO-supplier) gas price will reach 10 259 UAH for thousand CBM. At a margin of 10% of the VAT it will grow to 10 945 UAH for thousand CBM. Under the law the trade margin of the supplier can't exceed 2,5% of the price at which suppliers have bought fuel from Naftogaz. It is noted that the Ministry of Energy suggests to limit the retail price of sale of gas to a margin not higher than 10% that the consumer from the available number of the suppliers offering the state gas could choose that which offers a smaller margin. The second option — Hub-— the price on the German hub minus expenses on transportation. Gas cost for the population with the minimum margin and the VAT in that case will be 7765 UAH for thousand CBM. At a margin of 10% of the VAT it will make 8268 UAH for thousand CBM. It is the cheapest option. The third option — Hub0 — the "net" price on the German hub. Gas cost for the population at such option will reach 9215 UAH for thousand CBM and 9825 UAH for thousand CBM with a margin of 10% of the VAT. The edition notes that in the Cabinet of Ministers hope for the decision which provides the smallest growth of tariffs, that is Hub-option. The first argument of the government against sharp increase in tariffs for gas - will increase quantity of subsidiant and volume of expenses of the budget on municipal subsidies. If in 2017 subsidies received 60% of the population or 7,2 million households, then in case of increase in tariffs their quantity can increase up to 72% or up to 8,6 million. At such scenario expenses of the state budget on subsidies from the planned 71 billion UAH will grow to 79,2-115 billion UAH depending on option. The second argument - is observed rapid growth of debt of the population for the consumed gas. The third package of arguments — "at first all the rest, and then - market price". We will note, the Cabinet of Ministers has postponed a question of revision of gas prices for the population until fall. According to the forecast the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, gas price in 2018 can grow by 18%. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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