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The birth of a star and Anything good in hotel El Royal soon at movie theaters

Film premieres of week what movies to watch at movie theaters of Ukraine?
The chief prime ministers of cinema in Kiev and Ukraine in a week on October 8-14. Lyagushonok Ribbit animation and military drama by Signal Banderas. Since October 11, 2018 at cinema it is possible to look at four new premieres: the American drama with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga "the Star Birth", the thriller with Dakota Johnson and Jeff Bridges in a leading role "Bad times in "El Royal", the Ukrainian military drama "Signal Banderas, the children's animation movie "Young Frog of Ribbit". Star birth Birth of a star / photo: Genre: drama Director: Bradley Cooper Actors: Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Sam Elliot the Movie - a remake of the eponymous film of 1937 with Fredrik March and Janet Geynor. Bradley Cooper as Jackson Mayne, the growing old country star. Mayne's popularity any more not such as earlier and it is quite difficult to accept the decline to him. Once he meets the beginning singer Ellie, falls in love with her and she reciprocates to him. Jack helps darling to subdue a musical Olympus. When Ellie's career eclipses popularity of the singer, he should accept the fact that his musical way has come to an end. Whether he will be able to endure the personal tragedy and whether the beloved will help him with it? Anything good in hotel El Royal of Anything good in hotel El Royal/foto: Genre: thriller Director: Drew Goddard Aktery: Dakota Johnson, Jeff Bridges, Chris Hemsworth 1960. Singer, gloomy priest, seller of vacuum cleaners and taciturn person. What has brought together together these four different people in one place - half-ruined hotel under the name "El Royal? An institution is on border of California and Nevada, and if desired visitors can solve in what state they are. The hotel isn't so popular as earlier, but interesting clients like those which have lodged here today come across. In several hours in hotel one more character - the leader of an ominous cult lodges. It appears - at each of lodgers "skeletons in the cupboard" and it would be better for all if secret never became a reality. But one night in "El Royal" will change everything. Signal Banderas of Signal Banderas / photo: Genre: military drama Director: Zaza Buadze Aktery: Oleg Shulga, Anton Andryushchenko, Yulia Chepurko "There would be no happiness, but misfortune has helped". This known proverb could become a slogan of this film. The military Anton Saenko whom relatives call Banderas wasn't 20 years in the native village. Happy-go-lucky, namely in the heat of ATO, Saenko gets on the occupied territory. Near the village where the soldier has grown up, begin to diversion and his division it is necessary to neutralize criminals. The situation is complicated by the fact that "rat" is among the Ukrainian military personnel, and at any time will begin to work. Banderas can't trust anybody, but it is such not one: sworn brothers begin to suspect him of separatism. Young frog of Ribbit Lyagushonok Ribbit / photo: Genre: animation Director: Chuck Pauers Aktery: Sean Estin, Tim Carry, Russell Peters life not Is heavy



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