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The best country for obtaining the residence permit is called

Experts have considered programs of obtaining the residence permit in 21 countries. The invariable leader Portugal in 2018 has given the first position. The international consulting company called the leader of the rating of the program of obtaining the residence permit through investments. The updated list has appeared on the website of the Henley & Partners company. For obtaining the residence permit in 2018 Austria is recognized as the best country. She has shown the highest rate of quality of life and reputation of the country. Austria has pressed Portugal from the first line of the leader of the last years. In 2018 the country has taken the second place, and the updated program of Italy has got the third position. Now, to receive the residence permit in Italy, it is necessary to invest from 500 thousand euros in the country.
On the last place has appeared Bulgaria, there is no Ukraine in rating. Фото: Within the research experts paid attention to ten indicators among which there is a reputation of the country and quality of life, the taxation, an opportunity visa-free entry into other countries, requirements to investments and a possibility of obtaining nationality. Results of the annual report on world welfare of Global Wealth Report in which Ukraine were one of the poorest nations of the world have been the day before published. Earlier Ukrainian was included into ten the most used in Europe. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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The victory to Catalans was brought by Carlos Alenya and Luís Suárez's goals. In a match of the 34th round of the championship of Spain Barcelona on departure changed Alaves with the score 0:2. In the 54th minute of a game Carlos Alenya brought Catalans forward. In five minutes Catalans earned the right for probity penalties. Luís Suárez punched fr...

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The auction in the American stock exchange on Tuesday, April 23, ended with growth of the main indexes. Data of the exchange demonstrate to it. the Dow Jones Index grew by 0.55% – up to 26656.39 poin...

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The French seismometer on the American landing device for the first time in the world recorded an earthquake on Mars. the Earthquake for the first time is in the history recorded on Mars, reports the...

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The roller under name Ya in a zoo became the first video loaded on video service. It was seen by more than 66 million times. Exactly 14 years ago, on April 23, 2005, the first video on popular service...