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Test drive of Toyota C-HR: The most drayversky crossover of brand

Test drive of Toyota C-HR: The most drayversky crossover of brand
This crossover is so unlike all the "tribespeople" on a brand, as well as schoolmates. In each hyphen he – another. It is always healthy when in group of engineers, designers or at least marketing specialists of any brand the rebel – such "the young man pale with the look burning" is brought, as at Valery Bryusov. It is capable to pick to pieces too settled canons of brand and with a momentary powerful draft it is necessary to breathe freely to any car maker in it completely new life – and it sometimes. Especially such faultless, kanonichny and firm, as Toyota. The design This crossover is so unlike all the "tribespeople" on a brand, as well as schoolmates. In each hyphen he – another: courageous, but not elaborate, bright, but not eclectic. And bright, just imagine, even in gray boring color. The controversial decision – to paint extremely original car in so sad color risk to be showered with tomatoes, but for me. It seems that it is all about a circle of buyers who not all so revolyutsionna and have come if not from the future, then precisely from the parallel world as founders of C-HR. Oh yes the egoistical component is underlined here. Let so far and I haven't moved so as it happens at a sport compartment – but to them, clear, a conversation special. There now at least a silhouette with the back doors "disguised" at all which handles not everyone will find. And what narrow windows in these doors! Sitting on the second row little in them will make out, and especially children. An interior And in configuration of a forward part of salon everything is aimed at a driver's ego. The console is deployed – easy to guess in what direction. And devices are drowned in deep wells so that the passenger didn't spy. But I won't be tired to admire quality of the materials and design work which have united extremely successfully. Every morning, getting into the crossover, I didn't hurry to start at once at way: again and again there was a wish to see enough of these nice rombik which have become a key subject of registration, and there was a wish to touch to what sweet to the nice on the touch bright blue "tape" running from door upholsteries on all space of the panel even more again and again. The console display first strikes with the sizes: oho, what big! But hardly the car will recover and he will join as you remember sacramental words that the size – at all not the main thing. At the display too small permission and very large grain, so the picture so-so on quality, as on the cheapest old tablets. Better to this display would reduce "dyuymovost" from eight to, say, to six, but have awarded it with the best quality. In the movement I Like to trust in feelings – and already then to thumb through technical characteristics. I guess the transmission from the first dispersal: aha, purely variatorny "throwing" of turns at an accelerator utaplivaniye. And the motor of has quickly declassified too. Pulls him on the "untwisted" modes, it is higher than 2500 rpm, and he avoids bottoms at all – the cleanest signs of a daunsayzing. Really, here – 1,2-liter 116-s



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