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Test drive of the Renault Duster crossover of new generation

Test drive of the Renault Duster crossover of new generation
We meet the second generation of one of the most favourite crossovers in Ukraine – Renault Duster. Design Designers of alliance, have very wisely decided not to change the concept of shape of the unique product: Duster remained recognizable and peculiar. The same exaggerated, as if playing muscles, wheel arches, almost former contours of headlights and the window line. For some instant even it seemed that before me only thorough restyling of a body of the first generation – however is illusion: the body completely new has also no general detail with former. By the way, about details: the public already propesochit two elements in appearance of the new car. Lamps have got most of all sarcasm, almost exactly as at Jeep Renegade: with only that difference that at the Jeep in the center of a lamp "X", and at Duster – "plus". Here also look for in it plus, even two – if not in a karma, then in a stern! The interior Salon, before very utilitarian and as if the axe chopped, has grown rich and has dressed up. And in our Renault version it has turned out more successful, than at Dacia. Europeans from the car of the first generation had round unpretentious deflectors of ventilation, and for a brand a rank above the panel was decorated with elegant rectangular deflectors moreover and in the chromeplated fringings. Well just chic! But if without irony, the main thing in an interior of new Duster – the fact that he was saved from all former unpleasant ergonomic defects. The steering column has received not only adjustment on an inclination, but also – at last! – on a departure, and in quite sufficient range. By the way, and power steering now electric. Materials remained same simple, as before, however equipment has grown by the head. For the top version of Duster offer besklyuchevy access with launch of the motor the button, monitoring of blind zones, four cameras of the review on all parties of the car and climate control now. There were also "counters" especially for an off-road: the system of the help on descent which undertakes management of draft and braking and also off-road devices – on the display of media system are displayed a compass, longitudinal and cross lists. Media, by the way, I remained almost former. In the movement the Second generation has got familiar for a long time engines: 1,6-liter 115-strong petrol motor and 1,5-liter 110-strong diesel. Both are offered both with forward, and with the four-wheel drive. Oh, there aren't enough forces at the petrol engine! Especially if to consider that he is with might and main strangled by ecostandards, and at Duster only the equipped weight is selected almost under one and a half tons. Dynamics at the car sedate, in literal sense whatever one may do: I pound special from untwisting of the motor higher than 3,5-4 thousand don't. The controllability became definitely more alive, first of all thanks to is much better than notable feedback of a wheel: with the electroamplifier instead of quite ancient hydrounit he far more sharply and quicker – former sometimes "had a snack" at an active taxiing. The maneuverability has improved: radius of a turn "has lost weight" almost on half-meter. Pendants, to huge happiness of all admirers of Duster, remained same indifferent to everything that



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