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Test drive of Nissan Qashqai: we compare gasoline and the diesel

Test drive of Nissan Qashqai: we compare gasoline and the diesel
We have tested the modernized Japanese "SUV" on the Ukrainian roads in petrol and diesel versions. Design With updating at Nissan Qashqai the back optics became more expressive, and the ordinary antenna on a roof was replaced by a "spark fin". Doors with practical unpainted slips completely cover thresholds which won't soil footwear and clothes. It is amusing that the emblem is hidden under a cap from transparent plastic now. Now Kashkaya had less complete sets, than were before, and in addition versions with not remembered two-letter indexes and pluses have disappeared, at last. From now on there are three options of equipment with sonorous names: Visia, Acenta and Tekna. By the way, completely diode headlights following the movements of a wheel – a prerogative only of the most top version. An interior the Most noticeable innovation of an interior – a modern and convenient D-shaped wheel. The interface of media Nissan Connect though is updated, but all the same looks archaic. And here the block of climate is convenient and evident. With restyling the windshield electrical heating has appeared. And the Bose audio system with eight loudspeakers will be just invaluable gift for the music lover: sounding at her fantastic! The truth it is necessary to pay in addition for it, as well as for beautiful and comfortable chairs with an upholstery from a nappa and electric drives. In the movement the roads which are Successfully broken this winter have allowed to estimate in completeness the promised completion running the updated crossover: Qashqai let has also not received ideal smoothness of the course, but became much more comfortable. Pendants perceive potholes much more softly and perfectly swallow small things. However in controllability the car is guided by eternal family values more now, than by the windy drive. The four-wheel drive is by all means necessary? OK, but concerning the drive I wouldn't advise especially to bother. On the field path which has soundly become limp in the rain the front-wheel crossover hasn't given in, let in couple of turns and it was let in easy second stalling that it wasn't fresh. The diesel from 130 hp is lucky practically in the same way as the 2-liter petrol 144-strong engine. And the variator skillfully equalizes local diesel rushes and sure draft of the petrol unit from 2500 turns: thanks to diplomatic transmission both motors won't allow to miss and will please with juicy acceleration. A difference – in couple of nuances. The petrol engine is amazingly silent – so that you won't always manage to hear his work on single outside, and in salon his voice breaks only on turns for 3,5 thousand. For it we will tell thanks to global revision of acoustic comfort of the car. You won't call the diesel importunate at all, and it is deprived of vibrations at all, however it nevertheless won't be compared to the petrol fellow on faultless silence. But diesel Qashqai is capable to drive on one tank from the capital to Kharkiv and back that we also have checked. And at the two-liter petrol motor appetite far more thoroughly: in the most sparing city conditions, without traffic jams and with light touches to the right pedal to me not Uda



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