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Terms of a new economic crisis are called

According to the forecast of the financier Ray Dalio, the new economic crisis can come in the next several years.
the American billionaire, the founder of Bridgewater Associates investment company Ray Dalio has estimated a condition of world economy at an interview of Business Insider and has come to a conclusion that new financial crisis can come in the next several years.
according to an eksperi, a business cycle is divided into several stages. At first debts grow together with income from production and the cost of assets increases. Subsequently the Central Banks because of the growing debts start monetary policy toughening.
the Financier has noted that then interest rates fall practically to zero and the economy is included into a depression stage that forces the Central Banks to buy up assets and to apply policy of quantitative easing.
"I think that the period in which we are is very similar for the 30th years of the last century", – Dalio has told, having noted similarity of a relevant economic and political situation with times of the Great depression.
Also the billionaire has emphasized that the gap between the poor and the rich grows in such conditions - it is, according to him, leads to increase in popularity of populist rhetoric. we Will remind
, Bank of America predicts that it in the world stock market can there will be a repetition of world crisis of 1997-1998. Besides, it became known that Ukraine has appeared in a zone of risk of currency crisis. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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