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Suprun has told what to do at burns

Suprun has told what to do at burns
According to the Acting Minister of Health, "national" ways at burns are useless, adequate first aid is necessary. The got thermal burn of people needs adequate first aid, at the same time many widespread "national" methods and means or won't bring any positive effect, or can do much harm to the victim, the Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun emphasizes. "Have had a shower bath boiled water or have touched the hot iron? Don't run on kitchen behind vegetable oil, leaves of an aloe or sour cream at all. It is important to react and give quickly adequate first aid to himself or the relatives", - Suprun on the page has written to social networks of Facebook on Sunday. According to her, thermal burns happen very painful and often are followed by such symptoms as reddening or peeling of skin, emergence of blisters and hypostasis, emergence of pallor or carbonization of skin. At the same time the level of intensity of pain isn't always connected with that how severe burn: even very serious burn can sometimes be rather painless. At the same time, Suprun has noted that insignificant burns it is possible to treat independently in house conditions. At the same time the main thing - to avoid hit of dirt on an affected area of skin and not to break through blisters which can be formed in this place. Earlier the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has drafted the new bill of advertizing of medicines which are offered to forbid advertizing of nonconventional medicine. Million Ukrainians have decided on the doctor - the Ministry of Health of News from the in Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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