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Stem cells used for Parkinson's treatment

Stem cells used for Parkinson's treatment
The first experiment on transplantation of the induced stem cells for this purpose was made in Japan. Scientists from the Koto university for the first time have in the history performed operation on nerve cell grafting, the induced stem cells (iPS-cages) which are grown up from. They have been replaced in a brain of the patient having Parkinson's disease. Writes Economic Times about it. Parkinson's disease, striking nervous cages and promoting their reduction, leads to loss of mobility and delay of cognitive processes. Until now the medicine could only facilitate symptoms, but not cure an illness. "We have performed the first operation on transplantation. We consider postoperative process favorable", - Dzyun Takakhasi, professor of the university has spoken on press conferences. A patient to whom last month operation has been performed is the man 50 years are more senior. The replaced cages have been received from a usual cell of skin of the person. Those cages from which any type of tissues of the person can be created belong to induced. The research on this subject conducted by professor Sinjey Yamanaka has been conferred in 2012 the Nobel Prize. Earlier it was reported that owners of the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine of 2018 have been called. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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