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Solar eclipse: where to look how to be prepared

Solar eclipse on August 11, 2018
On Saturday we will observe the last of three eclipses. The solar eclipse will begin at 11:47. Ukrainians will see partial blackout of a solar disk and that is only by means of special optical devices. Most of all darkened part of the sun will be noticeable in the East Siberian Sea, near Wrangel Island. Inhabitants will be able to observe the unusual natural occurrence also: North America, Iceland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, China, Mongolia, some areas of Kazakhstan, and in the twilight of him will see in Northern and South Korea. The first summer partial solar eclipse in the world was observed on July 13, and the most long in this century lunar - on July 27. Read also: Eclipse of the Moon and opposition of Mars. As it was Next time the total lunar eclipse is expected on January 20, 2019, and full solar - on July 2 the next year. As the eclipse influences a human body the Eclipse of the sun 11 August / photos: EPA/UPG Is known that influence of eclipses on a human body is extremely negative. At the same time an adverse effect is felt not only directly in day of the phenomenon, but also one week prior to it and 7 days later. According to astrologers, negative action of an eclipse will strengthen retrograde Pluto, and it means that the adverse period can last until the end of the year. A solar eclipse in August 2018/photo: isn't recommended to be engaged in serious affairs at this time, to carry out financial transactions, to make major purchases, to marry. Also experts don't advise to appoint to August 11 of surgeries, recovery can drag on. As the mentality of people at this stage is unstable, one can feel apathy, breakdown, others on the contrary - inflow of activity and goodwill. In day of an eclipse people often suffer from headaches, pressure jumps, exacerbation of chronic diseases. Signs of day of the Eclipse / photo: EPA/UPG Is considered that if to show generosity in similar days, then shortly giving inexpressibly will carry. This best time for disposals not only of old offenses, habits, oppressive communications, but also unnecessary things. A solar eclipse (video) the Good sign - to pour water or to become wet in the rain, and to here sprain a leg or to stumble - the bad sign demonstrating that the person has chosen the wrong way. News from the in Telegram. Subscribe for our channel of News from the in Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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