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Shevchenko: For the first half the team of compliments does not deserve

Shevchenko: For the first half the team of compliments does not deserve
Andrey Shevchenko commented on a game of the national team of Ukraine against Italy. The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andrey Shevchenko was satisfied with a game and result of a friendly match from Italian national team, though noted that for the first half of a game football players of compliments do not deserve. "Thanks for compliments to the national team of Ukraine, but for the first half it does not deserve them. But we played the second half very qualitatively, compactly, and even when received own goal, found forces to even the score. For me it is very important and prestigious to be as the coach of national team here. I am very happy with a performance of the national team of Ukraine and thanked children for a game. We are happy as well with result. Let's arrive to Kharkiv, we will look more attentively, we will carry out the analysis already of all game. Some players received injuries therefore we have to estimate their condition. Let's look, these injuries are how serious, and we will solve — whether it is necessary to dovyzyvat players", - Shevchenko quotes the official site of FFU. Let's remind, the national team of Ukraine drew with Italy in a friendly match. You watch video of the heads of a match Italy - Ukraine.



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