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Scientists write about harm of hydroelectric power station. Warned also Ukraine

Scientists write about harm of hydroelectric power station. Warned also Ukraine
Europe and the USA gradually refuse hydroelectric power stations as they harm the environment and don't make sufficient profit. Hydroelectric power stations harm the surrounding nature and, at the same time, are economically unprofitable therefore the western countries refuse operation of hydroelectric power station, it is told in a new research of scientists. Recently World fund of the nature has stated that large-scale uncontrollable construction of hydroelectric power stations in Ukraine can lead to environmental disaster - unique species of fish and other organisms already disappear, the quality of water worsens. Корреспондент.net tells details. Why the West refuses hydroelectric power station more than 70 percent of the renewable electric power Today is developed on hydroelectric power stations. If the developed countries of the West refuse hydroelectric power station and dismantle them, then developing countries actively continue to build them - about 3,7 thousand large and average hydroelectric power stations are at a construction stage. Europeans and Americans in large quantities built power plants on the rivers in the middle of the last century, after the 1960th years this tendency has declined. For example, in the United States about six percent of all developed electric power are the share of hydroelectric power stations. There were 12 years. Catastrophic thawing of poles the American scientists from the University of Michigan have published on November 5 in the PNAS magazine a new research in which it is said that construction and work of hydroelectric power station harm river ecology, lead to resettlement of millions of people, and greenhouse gases from the flooded territories make a negative contribution to climate change. The rivers become shallow and dry up because of hydroelectric power station / Getty As researchers explain, the states have been interested in the inexpensive electric power therefore they didn't pay attention to environmental and social risks. However more than 90 percent of the hydroelectric power stations constructed from 30th years of the last century made for less profit, than it was supposed. Build not for people, and for the industry Authors of a research write that hydroelectric power stations in developing countries often build not for needs of ordinary citizens, and for large industrial players. So, the hydroelectric power station on Congo River worth 80 billion dollars as it is supposed, will have to develop more than a third of all present volume of electricity in Africa. But more than 90 percent of the energy developed on her will go for mining to South Africa. Brazil also builds a large number of hydroelectric power station which elektroenergiya passes by houses of ordinary people. Only five years ago on the river Madeira have completed two power plants, but their indicators also were unprofitable. Sixth wave of extinction. The person has killed with 60% of animals in Brazil Now the ban on construction of new hydroelectric power stations works. However, as it is supposed, the new president Zhair Bolsonara will remove him and plans to build 60 more new dams. Power of the rivers because of them decreases therefore it is necessary to build even more. At the same time, hydroelectric power stations do harm, both the nature, and people. So, about 60 million people can suffer from construction of stations in Africa, I live



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