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Scientists told, than work during night shifts is dangerous

Night shifts at work can lead to development of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
leads the Lack of a dream to damage of structure of DNA at night. Scientists from the Hong Kong university came to such conclusion, Anaesthesia reports.
according to researchers, leads wakefulness to strengthening of oxidizing processes in an organism at night and destroys DNA. It in turn becomes the reason of development of chronic diseases.
Scientists conducted a research on group of doctors who often came to work during night shifts. Took blood samples after a full-fledged dream from participants of an experiment, and then – after night shifts.
Comparative analysis showed that number of ruptures of molecules DNA in samples of the people working at night much higher. At the same time the organism suffering from a sleep debt could not regenerate damages.
Scientists noted that the negative effects caused by wakefulness at night can lead to development of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. At the same time for start of genetic disorders in an organism it is enough of everything one sleepless night. we Will remind
, earlier scientists called danger of a day dream. Besides, scientists found out who has more often cancer: "owls" or "larks". News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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