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Scientists told how animals affect health of children

Interaction with pets protects children from an allergy not only to wool, but also to pollen.
Children who live in families with pets, in particular, cats and dogs suffer from an allergy to wool and pollen less often. At the same time the it is more pets, the better. Scientists from Sweden came to such conclusion, reports the Plos ONE magazine.
the Staff of the University of Gothenburg analysed data on 1029 children at the age of 7-8 years and 249 children of 8-9 years. In a research the quantity of the animals living in the house within the first year of life of the child and also presence of an allergy and asthma at family members was considered.
Among children in who house were not any animals faced an allergy 48-49%. Children with one animal suffered from a disease in 35-43% of cases. Two children in whose families contained five favourites were absolutely healthy.
Scientists consider that the contact with animals at early age is useful to the immune system and forms allergens resistance. we Will remind
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