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Scientists have warned about new danger of a lack of a dream

The sleeping less than six hours a day people more than others risk to get organism dehydration.
less than six hours a day leads the Dream to organism dehydration. Scientists from Pennsylvania State University have come to such conclusion, writes the Oxford Academic magazine.
Researchers have interviewed more than 25 thousand residents of the USA and China about a number of hours of a dream and have collected at them urine samples. As it has appeared, at those who slept six hours and less, urine was more concentrated for 16-59% that testified to a lack of water of an organism.
according to scientists, the lowered content of water in urine demonstrates violation of production of antidiuretic hormone, anti-diuretic hormone which not only is responsible for preservation of liquid in a body, but also is involved in work of cardiovascular and nervous systems. It, according to scientists, partly causes feeling sick at a sleep debt. That it is a little to improve of him, researchers advise after awakening to drink a glass of water. We will remind, earlier in Finland have entered a day dream in a workplace. Besides, scientists have established the dream duration prolonging life. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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