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Scientists have found the new reason of aging

Scientists have found the new reason of aging
Physicians have revealed the new mechanism in work of a human body influencing DNA and processes of aging. Scientists from Vienna have found new type of nuclear proteins on which packing of DNA and regulation of activity of genes partially depends. Decrease деацетилаз histones leads to early emergence of diseases and an old age. Such information has appeared on MedicalXpress. Scientists studied fishes of notobrankh of Nothobranchius furzeri. They live only three-four months. Researchers have found in them the mechanism because of which animals quickly grow old and suffer from age diseases. The day before the American scientists could turn process of aging At fishes level деацетилаз promptly falls with age. It stimulates synthesis of CDKN1A - protein-inhibitor of a tsiklin-dependent kinase on which the integrity of DNA at the cellular level depends. Scientists intend to continue studying to make possible switching off of this mechanism. Scientists have connected consumption of sugar with development of weak-mindedness of News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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