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Scientists have found out who has more often cancer: owls or larks

Scientists have found out who has more often cancer: owls or larks
According to scientists, the woman - "owls" risk to develop breast cancer 48% more, than women - "larks".
- "larks" breast cancer meets At women by one and a half times less than at women - "owls". Experts from University of Bristol have come to such conclusion.
Scientists have selected 341 fragments of DNA which are responsible for tendency to a way of life of "owl" or "lark". Then they have studied how data on this tendency correspond to risk of development of breast cancer in 180 thousand women from UK Biobank, large British storage of genetic information, and nearly 230 thousand women from the international base of Association of a breast cancer.
Has turned out that "owls" risk to develop breast cancer 48% more, than "larks". In what the concrete reason of it is still not clearly. It is possible the matter is that "owls" do harm to an organism, forcing itself to get up early in the morning to go to work. Or matter in the inner clock of an organism and volume, they influence levels of hormones, immune system and a metabolism. we Will remind
, earlier scientists have warned about new danger of a lack of a dream. Also it became known that half-glass of wine in day increase risk of breast cancer. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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