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Scientists have found new property of a stress

Scientists have found new property of a stress
The stress helps people to perceive better information, important for them, in dangerous life situations. Researchers from the London university college have come to a conclusion that in a stressful situation of people acquires better negative information than when he is at rest. Journal of Neuroscience reports about it. It is noted that 35 people have participated in an experiment. They have been divided into two groups, first of which it was offered to solve six mathematical problems in half-minute then to make the report on earlier unknown subject. The second group carried out simple written exercises at this time. After that participants of a research needed to remember difficult situations from the life and to give them an assessment. It has been as a result established that the stress influences critical thinking − quiet people acquire better positive information while those who are under the influence of a stress, on the contrary, acquire the data having negative coloring which they in usual life neglect. The second investigation phase was carried out to Colorado with participation of 28 firefighters. All volunteers were given the same tasks. As a result scientists have confirmed the conclusions. Authors of article emphasize that the stressful situation corrects optimistic cognitive distortion because of which people overestimate the progress concerning other people and underestimate risks. Thus, the stress can help people to perceive better information, important for them, in a dangerous situation. Chewing gum reduces stress level – the research was reported Earlier that stresses and a depression accelerate aging and reduce life expectancy. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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