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Scientists could recover a brain of a dead pig partially

Scientists from Yale managed to recover partially a brain of a pig in four hours after the death of an animal.
Scientists from Yale University could recover partially a brain of a pig four hours later after her death, Nature reports. Experience managed to be carried out by means of the latest medicine BrainEx which is similar on the structure and structure to blood. Besides, the device which is pumping over medicine through a brain and at the same time cooling it was used. Thanks to medicine vessels in body began to pump over solution, then also work of small capillaries was restored. However scientists did not record signs of "collective activity" in a brain, therefore, at an animal consciousness and cogitative activity were not restored. Nevertheless researchers drew a conclusion that in the future analogs of BrainEx will help people to cope with consequences of heavy strokes.

Is called an easy way to improve work of a brain
we Will remind, earlier in the USA veterinarians recovered the frozen cat. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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