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Scientists called the fastest being on the planet

The fastest being on the planet
Monocelled chervepodobny Spirostomum ambiguum is capable to move with a speed up to 724 km/h.
Scientific of Institute of technology of Georgia (USA) called the fastest being of our planet. Monocelled chervepodobny Spirostomum ambiguum was it, Naked Science reports. This inhabitant of fresh water only 4 mm long represents the elementary, the trunks moving by means of eyelashes and reductions. Spirostomum ambiguum can move with a speed up to 724 km/h. At the same time scientists don't know thanks to what the elementary manages to gather such speed. Having understood it, researchers hope to create tiny high-speed robots.

In Ukraine have for the first time arrested the man for animals abuse we Will remind, earlier scientists have found the fastest flyer among animals. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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