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Salary on Wall Street has reached a ten-year maximum

The average salary of the worker on Wall Street in 2017 has reached 422,5 thousand dollars. It is the highest rate since 2009. In 2017 average annual salary of workers of the New York securities market, including bonuses, has grown by 13% and has reached 422,5 thousand dollars. The revenue inspector Thomas Dinapoli has reported about it, New York Post tells. The average size of a bonus in the sector for the reporting period has been increased by 15%, to 184,2 thousand dollars. The share of awards in structure of salaries on Wall Street has made 40%. The average salary on Wall Street was the highest in comparison with other spheres. In 2017 21% of cumulative salaries in the private sector of New York were the share of her. Nearly a quarter of experts that are engaged in securities in a year have earned more than 250 thousand dollars. During the same period only 2,5% occupied in other spheres of the New York economy could reach similar income. "The Wall Street finished profit every year since the end of recession in 2009, and remunerations last year have reached a maximum since the beginning of financial crisis", – Dinapoli has noted.

On Wall Street have predicted consequences of decline of lira
Earlier was reported that the stock market of the USA was closed by falling. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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