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Robert De Niro called Trump the full loser

The Hollywood actor once again disapprovingly spoke the American leader, having compared him to the gangster. The actor Robert de Niro during the The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert talk show (The show with Stephen Colbert is later) called the U.S. President Donald Trump the gangster and the full loser. On Saturday the Fox News TV channel reported about it.

"Here that I told after its election: "Give it chance. <...> This guy proved to be the full loser", − De Niro said. Answering Colbert's question of why people like gangster movies, De Niro said that "people like things beyond the law except that now we have in the White House a gangster". "Even gangsters have a morals and ethics, the code. When you pledge someone the word − all this that you have, this your word. This guy (Trump) does not even know, what does it mean", − the actor emphasized.

played a role of the special prosecutor of the USA Robert Müller in one of sketches of the show Saturday Night Life of De Niro Earlier. In a conversation with Colbert the actor noted that to play Müller − "it is his civic duty". Let's remind, De Niro more than once criticized Trump. In particular, in July of last year he cursed the U.S. President on the air. Robert de Niro called Trump a pig The other day the U.S. Department of Justice published the report of the special prosecutor Robert Müller on investigation of possible intervention of Russia in the American elections of 2016. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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