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Riccardo with problems on a race car has won the Monaco Grand Prix

Having problems with the motor the most part of a race the pilot has managed to hold Red Bull on the first place. Australian Daniel Ricciardo on Red Bull has won the Monaco Grand Prix though this victory was given him very hard. Ricciardo started the first thanks to a victory in qualification and has managed to hold leadership after start, but pilots and 30 circles from 78 planned as Daniel has reported to team about problems with the motor and loss of power haven't passed. If this was other race, then, for certain, Ricciardo quickly would be rolled away deep into a peletona, but on very narrow small streets he needed to go to Monaco unmistakably and he managed it, having sustained the attacks of Vettel who regularly reduced the backlog up to 0,5-0,7 seconds. In general problems accompanied all leaders. Lewis Hamilton complained of problems with rubber almost all race, but he hasn't stopped by in boxes though the team was ready to it. However, in that case there could be losses of positions, and so British has kept the third place. Max Verstappen has become the main character in Monaco – the pilot Red Bull has made break from the last place on the 9th, having in passing become the author of the fastest round of a race. Read details of a race in our online. Personal offset you pilotovzhelat a constructors championship
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