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Results 5.09: Prices of alcohol and Hasidic pilgrims

The Cabinet of Ministers has raised vodka prices and alcoholic beverage products, the Ukrainian frontier guards have issued the first Hasidic pilgrims. Корреспондент.net marks out the main events of yesterday. In Ukraine minimum prices of alcohol will grow the Cabinet has raised the minimum wholesale and vacation pay and retail prices for vodka and alcoholic beverage products by 12,4-19,6%. The relevant decision has been made at a meeting of the Government on Wednesday, September 5, and it comes into force in 10 days after his publication. According to the document, the price of whisky, rum and gin increases by 12%, on cognac - for 6,6-9,5%, on wines – for 4,5-13,5%. "The minister of the DPR" was discharged from hospital after explosion In Donetsk have discharged from hospital "the minister of income and collecting the DPR" Alexander Timofeev (Tashkent), the wounded during explosion in Separ cafe. It on Wednesday, September 5, separatist mass media with reference to the director of Institute of urgent and recovery surgery of a name of the Gander Emil Fistal report. "Alexander Timofeev is discharged from hospital. His good shape. Everything goes according to the plan", - Fistal has told. The Foreign Minister of Norway has arrived to Donbass the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway Ine Sereyde on Wednesday, September 5, has arrived to Donbass. It is reported on the page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in a social network of Twitter. "The deputy minister Vasily Bodnar together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway Ine Sereyde have arrived to Donbass. Many meetings are supposed", - it is said in the statement of the ministry. Ukrainians in Poland are forced out by workers from Asia Since the beginning of 2018 sharply inflow of the Ukrainian guest workers to Poland was reduced, but labor migration has many times grown from the countries of Asia. About it on Wednesday, September 5, the Polish newspaper Dziennik with reference to these ministries of family, work and social protection reports. It is noted that in comparison with 2017 the number of guest workers has most strongly grown up from Nepal - six times, by two-three times inflow of foreign workers from Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, China, Philippines, India, Uzbekistan and Vietnam has increased. To Ukraine profits the first Hasidic pilgrims the Ukrainian frontier guards have issued the first Hasidic pilgrims who arrive in check points on border the motor transport and by planes. The State Border Service on Wednesday, September 5 reports about it. It is noted that on the eve of more than 130 pilgrims frontier guards of Mostisky group at the check point the Cracovian on the Ukrainian-Polish border have issued yesterday. Ukraine can refuse transition to summertime after the EU In the Ministry of Economic Development have reported that in case of adoption by the European Union of the decision on cancellation of transition to summertime, Ukraine can similarly arrive.

"Is headed by Ukraine for European integration which provides implementation of the European legislation... Considering stated, in case of admission of the EU decisions on cancellation of transition to summertime, the Ministry of Economic Development will address to the Cabinet of Ukraine about a possibility of entering of corresponding changes into the Order of computation of time in the territory of the country", − have noted in department. Russia look



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