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Results 31.08: Zakharchenko's death, meeting of patriarchs

The head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko has died in the center of Donetsk, the patriarch Varfolomey has reported to Kirill about the decision on autocephaly Ukraine. Корреспондент.net marks out the main events of yesterday. Zakharchenko was killed in the center of Donetsk the Head of the DPR has died, having got a mortal wound at explosion in the Donetsk cafe Separ in Pushkin Boulevard which is near his "residence". The cafe, according to the Russian media, belongs to the security officer Zakharchenko. Also "Minister of Finance" of the DPR Alexander Timofeev was wounded. Also two more people have suffered. The authorities of "republic" have declared Zakharchenko's death officially. They call explosion terrorist attack. Dmitry Trapeznikov became the interim head of the DPR. He was elected at the emergency meeting on Friday, August 31. Poroshenko has departed to the USA at parting with McCain the President Petro Poroshenko on August 31 - on September 1 will visit the USA with a private visit for the purpose of participation in mourning actions of farewell to senator John McCain. About it on Friday, August 31, the press service of the head of state reports.

"In memory of Ukrainians senator McCain forever will remain the close friend who shoulder to shoulder became in protection of democracy on the Kiev Maidan, and the devoted sworn brother who has divided a New Year's dinner with the Ukrainian soldiers into lines of fighting collisions.... The authoritative voice of John McCain forever will remain to one of the loudest in support of the independent, democratic and prospering Ukraine", - Poroshenko before flying away has told. Varfolomey has approved autocephaly in Ukraine the Universal patriarch Varfolomey has reported to the patriarch Kirill about implementation of the decision on autocephaly in Ukraine. About it upon termination of a meeting of two heads the metropolitan Gallic Emmanuil responsible for process of granting Tomos to Ukraine has acted.

"The main issue which was discussed, - a question of a situation in Ukraine. You know that there split, continues more than 25 years. The universal Patriarchy has decided to use all ways to resolve an issue of granting autocephaly of Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The decision has been made in April. And we implement this decision. About it it has been reported to the Patriarch Kirill during his visit", - Emmanuil has said. The MFA and Hungarians has agreed about the minister of Transcarpathia Budapest undertakes to change the name of the representative for Transcarpathia. It was said by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin following the results of the conversation with the Hungarian colleague Peter Szijjarto held in the morning on Friday, August 31. "I have begun morning with a conversation with the Hungarian the colleague Peter Szijjarto. Hungarians have well heard us and change the name of the representative "across Transcarpathia". And on all other questions - we continue to work structurally further", - Klimkin has written to Twitter. The NBU has predicted hryvnia exchange rate on the end of the year By the end of the year hryvnia exchange rate to dollar has to be 28,5 hryvnias. It was said by the head of the Council of National bank Bogdan Danilishin. "I want to hope that the hryvnia in 2018 will reach the peak by the end of the year. I think, all of us will make somewhere at the level of 28,5 hryvnias for д



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