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Results 30.12: Status of PTsU and scandal with Bandera

The orthodox church of Ukraine will not receive the status of patriarchy yet; the Czech Republic opposed Bandera's glorification. The marks out the main events of yesterday. Putin declared
determination for dialogue with Trump the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the New Year's message confirmed to the American colleague Donald Trump openness of Moscow to dialogue with Washington. Putin emphasized that the Russian-American relations are the most important factor of ensuring strategic stability and the international security, and confirmed that Russia is discovered to dialogue with the USA according to the most extensive agenda. The USA slowed down withdrawal of the troops from Syria the U.S. President Donald Trump withdrawal of American troops from Syria agreed to slow down, having made it "rationally". Senator Lindsay Graham after the meeting with the leader of the USA reported about it. According to him, the break was decided to be taken to choose the best ways of achievement of the goals. "I think that we will slow down this process rationally. We took a break now to estimate in what way it is better to achieve the president's objectives", – he told. Epiphanius cleared future status of PTsU the Orthodox church of Ukraine will not receive the status of patriarchy yet, the head of PTsU metropolitan Epiphanius reported. "At the first stage of formation of our orthodox church we will have the metropolitan status. It too as a certain condition through which there passed all other orthodox churches", – the metropolitan explained. According to him, "almost any" from local churches did not receive the status of patriarchy at once. Naftogaz called the amount of debt of Gazprom the Sum of financial claims of Naftogaz to the Russian Gazprom within trials exceeds 18.7 billion dollars. The chairman of the board the NAC Andrey Kobolev reported about it. So, within earlier won arbitration in Stockholm Naftogaz intends to exact 2.1 billion dollars from Gazprom, at the same time as compensation the Ukrainian company tries to arrest assets of the Russian concern in Europe. The president of the Czech Republic opposed Bandera's glorification the President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman said that the country will officially protest against "glorification of war criminals in Ukraine". The president's representative Jiri Ovchachek reported about it. He criticized the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, having called reaction of department shameful and closing eyes to the events. "They did not even take away the Czech victims of Banderist murderers", – Ovchachek said. The chancellor of Austria called a condition for cancellation of sanctions against the Russian Federation the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz said that stage-by-stage removal from Russia of sanctions has to be tied to process of settlement of a situation on Donbass. "Still being the Minister of Foreign Affairs, I considered the necessary concrete image to connect stage-by-stage cancellation of sanctions with positive steps across Ukraine – what was offered by the Foreign Minister of Germany of that time Frank-Walter Steinmeier. And establishment of the real ceasefire regime in the east of Ukraine would be the first step", – he told. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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Dollar exchange rate on Mezhbank on sale fell to 7 kopeks – up to 25.89 UAH/dollars, the course in purchase went down for 6 kopeks – 25.87 UAH/dollars the National Bank of Ukraine for July 18, 2019 ke...

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The Russian president signed the decree on providing citizenship of the Russian Federation in the simplified mode to residents of all Donbass. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the decree...

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The letter of the president on convocation extraordinary a meeting does not correspond to the legislation, the speaker of Rada said. The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy said that the law...