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Results 26.11: Martial law and revolt of eurometal plates

Ukraine imposed martial law; "evroblyakher" blocked border with Poland. The marks out the main events of yesterday.
the American device InSight sat down on Mars the Automatic interplanetary station NASA InSight successfully sat down on the surface of Mars near uplands of Elisions. The device sent the first photo from the Red planet. The image appeared on the screen in control center of flight of NASA in a few minutes after landing. In the picture small particles of the Martian dust are visible. Ukraine imposed martial law the Verkhovna Rada supported the law on introduction of martial law in Ukraine. Voted pro 276 People's Deputies, at 226 necessary. Martial law is imposed at 9 in the morning on November 28 for a period of 30 days. Martial law will be imposed only in the areas bordering on Russia and Transnistria: Zaporizhia, Luhansk, Donetsk, Vinnytsia, Nikolaev, Odessa, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kherson regions, internal waters of the Black and Azov seas. Oschadbank seized 1.3 billion dollars from Russia the International arbitration made the decision in favor of Oschadbank in a dispute with Russia on losses because of annexation of the Crimea. The sum of indemnification will be 1.3 billion dollars plus percent which will be added from the moment of decision until the actual compensation. The decision is final and obligatory for performance by the parties. Ukraine does without the Russian gas exactly three years on November 26 exactly three years since the moment when Ukraine ceased to buy gas from Russia were executed. According to Naftogaz, Ukraine stopped importing the Russian gas 1095 days ago. Evroblyakhera blocked border of Ukraine with Poland Protest actions of "evroblyakher" almost completely blocked border of Ukraine with Poland. All check points, except Smilnitsa stopped. On the check point the Cracovian protesters burned down tires. All night long protesters did not disperse and continue a protest as are dissatisfied with new rules of transit.

On border with Poland at the check point Yagodin in the Volynsk region drivers of heavy-load cars broke through a cordon of "evroblyakher" who blocked the road. Evroblyakhera lit tires, but soon agreed to pass trucks – on three in an hour from each party. The Verkhovna Rada fixed date of presidential elections the Verkhovna Rada approved date of presidential elections for March 31, 2019. 298 People's Deputies voted for such decision. Parliamentarians supported draft resolution No. 9342 On purpose of the regular election of the president of Ukraine. News отв Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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