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Results 25.05: Tribunal for seamen, claim to Zelensky

The Russian Federation obliged to release the Ukrainian seamen; activists submitted a claim to the president. The marks out the main events of yesterday.
filed a lawsuit Against Zelensky Members of the organization Public lustration committee filed a lawsuit the claim against the president Vladimir Zelensky with the requirement to repeal the decree on appointment of the lawyer Andrey Bogdan the head of administration. Bogdan held a position of the government representative for anti-corruption policy even at Victor Yanukovych's presidency. Measures for cleaning of the power which are provided by the law on lustration are applied to a position of the head of AP. NATO changes military strategy because of Russia the Secretary general of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg said that for the first time for slightly last decades intend to change NATO the military strategy. According to him, it needs to be done for reaction of the growing nuclear threat from Russia. To Transcarpathia counted damage from a flood mitigation of consequences of a flood to Transcarpathia requires about 100 million hryvnias, the acting chairman of the Transcarpathian RSA Yaroslav Gallas reported. The exact sum of losses will be sounded in several weeks. Today to Transcarpathia remain waterlogged about one hundred yards. The situation in the waterlogged areas gradually is stabilized. Zelensky met the head of the National Bank of Ukraine the Head of National bank Yakov Smoly held the first meeting with the president Vladimir Zelensky. "Discussed a current economic environment and work of a banking system, need of cooperation with the IMF and importance of independence of the NBU. And also - further steps for support of macrofinancial stability. Substantially", - the head of the National Bank told. In Cannes called the winner of the Golden Palm the Golden Palm of the Cannes Film Festival received the movie by the South Korean director Pon of June-ho Parazita. The picture tells story of resourceful jobless family which decides to improve the financial position at the expense of a wealthy family. The UN tribunal obliged Russia to release the Ukrainian seamen the International Tribunal for maritime law obliged Russia to release immediately the Ukrainian seamen and the ships seized at the Kerch Strait in November of last year. Ukraine expects fast implementation of the decision of tribunal by Russia. According to the decision, Russia has to report on implementation of the decision to release the Ukrainian seamen and the ships till June 25. The president Vladimir Zelensky considers that execution by Russia the decision of tribunal can become the first signal to the end of the conflict with Ukraine. The Russian Federation said that the procedures of settlement of disputes provided by the Convention of the UN on maritime law are inapplicable to an incident in the Kerch Strait. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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