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Results 24.12: Mosiychuk's fight and Varfolomey's joke

The people's deputy Mosiychuk put up a fight on the air; the patriarch Varfolomey joked about a sweet bribe from Poroshenko. The marks out the main events of yesterday.
In Italy began a volcanic eruption Etna On the Italian island of Sicily the volcanic eruption Etna began. From the highest and most active volcano of Europe smoke and huge amount of ashes began to come out. Because of eruption it was necessary to suspend work of Catania city airport forcedly. Poroshenko congratulated the Ukrainians celebrating Christmas on December 25 the President Petro Poroshenko congratulated the Ukrainians celebrating Christmas on a Gregorian calendar. "I wish you from angels – joy, from shepherds – surprise, from wise men – enlightenment, and from the born God – the world and love. Happy Christmas and cheerful holidays!", – the head of state wished.

Varfolomey joked about sweet "bribe" for autocephaly for Ukraine the Constantinople patriarch Varfolomey at a meeting with children joked that took for autocephaly for the Ukrainian church from the president Petro Poroshenko not money, but candies and chocolate. "Now, from joy of autocephaly of its church though the Russian church accuses me that I took money for this autocephaly, I took not money, and it is a lot of candies and chocolate from Poroshenko's factory", – Varfolomey told. The people's deputy Mosiychuk beat by the political scientist's cane the People's Deputy from Radical party Igor Mosiychuk and the doctor of political sciences Alexander Semchenko fought on the air on Newsone TV channel. The conflict took place after Mosiychuk said that Semchenko "works for the Kremlin". In response to it Semenchenko said that "psychiatrists have to be engaged in the insane". After the verbal sparring Mosiychuk with strong language attacked on the opponent and demanded that that left air. Between them there was a fight. New songs by Pugacheva were merged on the Internet by Hackers posted in Network new songs by the prima donna of the Russian platform Alla Pugacheva. New singles were recorded to an anniversary concert of the singer. Hackers published compositions Live in my skin and That I see, I sing. The Brentupala oil price lower than 52 dollars for the first time in a year the Price of Brent crude oil fell lower than $52 for barrel. The cost of February futures for Brent oil fell by 6.32% to level to opening of the auction and was $50.42 for barrel. Last time the barrel of Brent oil cost less than $51 at the end of August of last year. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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