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Results 24.06: Russia in PACE and Filaret's punishment

PACE voted for return of Russia; PTsU punished Filaret for Ukrainian Orthodox Church of RC. The marks out the main events of yesterday.
Zelensky dismissed three more heads of the Regional State Administrations the President Vladimir Zelensky exempted Igor Gundich, Alexey Mulyarenko and Alexander Velbovts from a position of heads of the Zhytomyr, Rivne and Cherkassk regional public administrations. By Iispolneniye of duties of the head of the Zhytomyr and Cherkassk regional state administrations it is temporarily assigned to deputy heads of these region administrations - Yaroslav Laguta and Igor Timoshenko. The first deputy head of the Regional State Administration Taras Vysotsky became the acting as the head of the Rivne RSA. PTsU took away the Kiev diocese from Filaret the Synod of Orthodox church of Ukraine discharged the patriarch Filaret from management of the Kiev diocese. In the decision it is noted that Filaret did not submit documents in time for registration of the Kiev diocese therefore find possible a re-registration in direct submission of Epiphanius. Also members of the Synod punished two participating bishops of "cathedral" of Filaret "for active participation in actions, oppositions directed to kindling in the church environment". Russia withdrew a prohibition of transit of the Ukrainian goods the President of Russia Vladimir Putin lifted a prohibition of transit of the Ukrainian goods across the territory of the Russian Federation to the third countries. Goods from Ukraine can be transported automobile and by rail. Transit will be allowed when ensuring traceability with application of seals on the basis of GLONASS technology and also in the presence at drivers who transport of registration coupons. Russia was returned to PACE the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe of PACE supported the resolution on return of delegation of Russia. The document changes rules of Assembly and complicates the procedure of application of sanctions, in particular concerning the Russian Federation. 118 members of PACE voted for such decision, against were 62, 10 refrained. The delegation Russia said that it submits the application for confirmation of the powers to PACE. Poroshenko suggested to change the name of Georgia the Former president Petro Poroshenko against the background of protests in Tbilisi suggested to rename Georgia into Sakartvelo. "Russia struck new blow. On the tourist sector, having closed air traffic. Of course, I urge Ukrainians to have a rest in Ukraine, but that who plans to have a rest abroad or in the occupied Crimea, I recommend to be reoriented on Georgia", – the ex-president said. Poroshenko urged Ukrainians "not to leave the Georgian brothers in trouble", and the Cabinet of Ministers of the country – to provide a discount for tourists for the directions of Ukraine-Georgia-Ukraine. The Russian Federation called conditions of preservation of transit of gas through Ukraine Russia is ready to keep transit of gas through the territory of Ukraine on economically profitable conditions and in case of fair settlement of disputes between Gazprom and Naftogaz. Naftogaz answered that the company has to keep an opportunity to have legal proceedings with Gazprom if the Russian monopolist does not adhere to promises on preservation of transit of gas through the Ukrainian territory. News from



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