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Results 23.10: Mega-road accident in Kiev, plunders in Oschadbank

The truck crane has demolished tens of cars in the center of Kiev, illegal have brought 20 million dollars out of Oschadbank. Корреспондент.net marks out the main events of yesterday.
of ROC has refused to submit to solutions of the Constantinople patriarchy the Russian orthodox church isn't obliged to submit to solutions of Universal patriarchy.

"Orthodox Ecumenical council doesn't provide special privileges for the Constantinople patriarchy. Except the privileges of honor which aren't conferring any powers of authority out of a limit of this church. Respectively, any need to submit to decisions of Constantinople neither at Russian Orthodox Church, nor at any other isn't present", – the secretary of department of external church relations of the Moscow patriarchy Igor Yakimchuk has said. In Russia have told in what an essence of new sanctions against Ukraine New Russian sanctions will block the Ukrainian assets in the territory of the Russian Federation and provide the ban on withdrawal of the financial capitals from Russia in Ukraine. "It is, first, about blocking of their assets which are in the territory of the Russian Federation that is the ban to make with them any actions. Secondly, about the ban of transfer of the money which is in the sources located in the territory of Russia. That is about the ban of export of the capital", – the prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has explained an essence of restrictions, having added that he intends to sign the decision on sanctions in the nearest future. In the center of Kiev the truck crane has demolished tens of cars In Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard in Kiev the truck crane without brakes has demolished about 20 cars on the way. As a result of accident three persons have addressed physicians. Have rendered to two of them incident on-site assistance. Upon the road accident criminal proceedings are opened. Ukraine has filed a complaint to the WTO to Armenia and Kyrgyzstan Ukraine has sent the complaint of rather anti-dumping duties of Armenia and Kyrgyzstan to the Ukrainian steel pipes to the World Trade Organization. Ukraine has stated that Armenia and Kyrgyzstan which are members of the Eurasian Economic Union had to cancel gradually wrong and exceeding necessary level duties. Falling of industrial production in Ukraine has accelerated In Ukraine industrial outputs in September have decreased in comparison with similar month of last year by 1,3%. For January-September, 2018 by the same period of last year growth of industrial production was 1,8%, including in mining industry and development of pits – 2%, in processing industry – 1,6%, in supply with the electric power, gas and the conditioned air – 2,2%. The deputy is suspected of plunder of millions of dollars from the State Bank by Detectives of National anti-corruption bureau of Ukraine under the procedural guide of prosecutors of Specialized anti-corruption prosecutor's office have detained 10 people to whom have reported about suspicion of taking of 20 million dollars of Oschadbank. Among suspects – the People's Deputy who by means of close relatives and business partners has brought out of bank of means. News from Korresponden



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