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Results 20.10: Poplavskaya's death and RSZO the Alder at AFU

New title of the head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of RC, increase in tariffs, versions of the crash SU-27, a mission to Mercury. Корреспондент.net marks out the main events of yesterday. Marina Poplavskaya's death On Saturday October 20 as a result of collision of the bus and the truck in Kiev region has died in road accident the actress Diesel of a show Marina Poplavskaya, four more were traumatized.

Collision of the bus of Neoplan and the truck has occurred in 5.55 by 28 kilometer of the Kiev PSF highway near the village of Mila.

According to preliminary data, the bus driver Neoplan hasn't managed to drive therefore there was a collision with truck MAZ. Kiev Pechersk Lavra in Filaret's title the Sacred Synod of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev patriarchy has changed rules of intitulation of the head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the RC OF Filareta: The holy and the Blessed, the Archbishop and the Metropolitan of Kiev - mothers of the cities of Russians, Galitsky, the Patriarch всея Russia-Ukraine, Sacred and Uspensky Kyiv Pechersk and Pochayevskoy Laurus Svyashchennoarkhimandrit. The reduced title sounds as the Holy, the Patriarch Kiev and all Russia-Ukraine. The USA will withdraw Trump's break-up with Russia from the contract on elimination of rockets of average and smaller range with Russia. It was said by the president Donald Trump, Associated Press reports on October 20. According to him, such decision is connected with non-compliance with DRSMD from Russia. "We are going to terminate the agreement then we will begin to develop arms if Russia and China don't agree to a new course", - Trump has told. Inevitable increase in prices for gas Increase in tariffs for gas is inevitable as financial support of Ukraine from the International Monetary Fund depends on it, Andrey of Parubiy is said in the statement of the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. According to him, this decision is necessary for prevention in Ukraine of an economic crisis. Parubiy has noted that "on the way to future mighty, rich, modern Ukraine where Ukrainians will live adequately, freely and in safety, it is necessary to make crucial state decisions". The alder at AFU the Ukrainian army has adopted the Alder missile system, the Beam design office was engaged in development of a new complex, it is reported on the page of the cabinet in Facebook on October 20. Deliveries to troops will begin in the middle of 2019. The Cabinet of Ministers has emphasized that the Armed Forces of Ukraine by means of a new complex "will strengthen the defense capability and will be able effectively to fight against an aggressor in the east of the country". Versions SU-27 padeniiya the Investigation considers four versions of falling of the SU-27 fighter in Vinnytsia region, the chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios has told: a human factor when performing flight, technical malfunction of the plane, possible filling of the plane with low-quality fuel weather conditions which have entailed accident of the Sanction against NewsOne and 112 Ukraine the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada on the appeal to the NSDC concerning sanctions against NewsOne TV channels and 112 Ukraine Has come into force.

the Resolution No. 9157 "About



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