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Results 18.06: Merkel's shiver and case against Poroshenko

Merkel it became bad during the meeting with Zelensky; GBR opened one more criminal case against Poroshenko. The marks out the main events of yesterday.
of Facebook created own Facebook Company cryptocurrency will create own Libra cryptocurrency which will become available in 2020. It was said by the founder of the company Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook and 27 companies among which there is Uber, Mastercard, Spotify, Vodafone, Ebay and others founded non-profit association Libra which plans to start the cryptocurrency of the same name in 2020. Naftogaz found an alternative to the new contract on transit of gas Instead of the conclusion of the new contract on transit of gas from Russia to the EU through Ukraine Naftogaz suggested to deliver fuel to Europe on conditions "swap". "Gazprom will transfer us a certain volume of gas on border Ukraine-Russian Federation, and we will give just the same volume on border Ukraine-EU. Transfer of gas will be confirmed by adjacent operators (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania), that is they will take then the responsibility to Gazprom for gas already in their systems", - the executive director of the company Yury Vitrenko reported. Merkel became badly at a meeting with Zelensky during the visit to Germany the president Vladimir Zelensky met the chancellor Angela Merkel. In the afternoon when the chancellor in hot weather met Zelensky near the office and both leaders listened to performance of national anthems, began to shake Merkel. But at a press conference following the results of a meeting with Zelenskim Merkel assured that already feels better. "Since then I drank at least three glasses of water - I, obviously, needed it therefore now I feel very well", - she told. The NBU cancelled currency sales, obligatory for business, the National Bank of Ukraine cancelled obligatory currency sales by business. Norma who obliges businessmen to sell 30% of currency revenue in the interbank currency exchange market will cease to act since June 19. Against Poroshenko brought the fifth criminal case the State bureau of investigations began the fifth criminal proceedings concerning the ex-president Petro Poroshenko and the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy. As the former deputy head of administration of the ex-president Victor Yanukovych reported, the lawyer Andrey Portnov, criminal proceedings are connected with falsification by them of documents on formation in 2016 of the coalition of deputy fractions and illegal appointment of the Cabinet. The U. S. Congress approved the budget of military aid to Ukraine the U. S. Congress approved all aid package on safety for the sum of 250 million dollars which has to be provided to Ukraine in 2019 through the Pentagon on the purpose of strengthening of national security and defense. "Thus, in Washington recognized that Ukraine continues the movement on a way of reforms, steady implementation of provisions of the law on national security adopted last year became demonstration of what, including", - it is said in the statement of Embassy of Ukraine in the USA. News from the Correspondent



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