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Results 16.03: An action in Kiev and personnel shifts

The national building carried out a protest action in the center of Kiev; Poroshenko dismissed the head of the Poltava RSA and appointed the head of foreign intelligence. The marks out the main events of yesterday. Poroshenko's
dismissed the head of Poltava region the President Petro Poroshenko dismissed the chairman of the Poltava regional state administration Valery Golovko. Roman Tovsty is appointed the acting as the head of RSA. The head of state noted that in the case of Golovko's suspicion the court has to put the last word. "But at the same time conditions that investigation caused public trust have to be created", - Poroshenko added. Shulyavsky Bridge in Kiev was finally closed In Kiev completely closed traffic on Shulyavsky Bridge because of its dismantling. Until the end of 2019 it is planned to complete the works on construction of the new overpass 158.17 m long, bicycle paths (length – 741 m), left - and the pravopovorotnikh of congresses, reconstruction of the underground crosswalk, improvement and gardening. The USA deployed six nuclear bombers the United States Air Force transported to Europe from Louisiana on the advanced base Ferford in the British Gloucestershire a squadron from six strategic B-52H Stratofortress bombers. The planes capable to carry nuclear weapon became a part of expansion of new tactical group of the American forces in England. The national building carried out a protest action in Kiev In Kiev on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti the meeting organized by party the National case took place. Activists demanded to punish participants of the illegal schemes in defense industry complex exposed in journalistic investigation. Under the Verkhovna Rada and Presidential Administration protesters threw police officers toy pigs. About two thousand people participated in mass actions. The meeting took place peacefully. In Ukraine the new head of Foreign Intelligence Service President Petro Poroshenko appeared appointed Andrey Alekseenko the acting as the head of Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. "It is temporary to first deputy chairman of Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Alekseenko Andrey Viktorovich to fulfill duties of the chairman of Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine", – it is said in the decree of the president. In France there took place collisions of "yellow vests" with police In France the 18th action of "yellow vests" took place. In Paris several shops were set on fire, crushed or plundered. Protesters used smoke grenades and burned down cars. Around the Triumphal arch a part of activists threw at police officers stones. Law enforcement officers applied water-cannons and tear gas to dispersal of protesters. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France, 32.3 thousand people participated in protests in the whole country, 237 protesters were detained. During collisions in Paris not less than 59 people, including 17 police officers suffered. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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