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Results 15.05: Filaret's revolt and sanctions against Russia

The patriarch Filaret is dissatisfied with the status of PTsU; Ukraine imposed new anti-Russian sanctions. The marks out the main events of yesterday. Poroshenko's
urged to delegate smoothly the power Zelenskoma Posly of the countries of "Group of Seven" (the USA, Great Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Japan) urged the current president Petro Poroshenko to delegate smoothly the power to the winner of election of the president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. "Posly the G7 was called for smooth transfer of power that will allow Ukraine to continue the way of reforms chosen by it", - it is said in the statement of the French presidency in the G7 of Support group of Ukraine. The court took away powers from the head of the Highest qualification commission the District administrative court of Kiev deprived of powers the head of the Highest qualification commission of judges Sergey Kozyakov and the member of VKKS Stanislav Shchotka. The court considered applications for providing the claim which arrived from Sergey Ostapts and Alexander Krotyuk and made the decision to satisfy them. Poroshenko signed the law on Ukrainian the President Perth Poroshenko signed the language law – the document on ensuring functioning of Ukrainian as state. "Signing of the law on functioning of Ukrainian as state we make one of the main acts for maintaining the Ukrainian statehood. I emphasize that this law does not mention any language of the ethnic minorities living in Ukraine in any way", – Poroshenko said. Filaret accused Poroshenko and Epiphanius of deception the Honorary patriarch Filaretzayavil that went "for humiliation for the sake of Tomos's receiving" though promised it the management of PTsU. Also he insists that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev patriarchy continues to exist. Besides, Filaret accused the metropolitan Epiphanius and the president Petro Poroshenko of deception and claims that someone directs the head of Orthodox church of Ukraine. Epiphanius recognized that from the moment of formation of Local church there is a conflict with the patriarch Filaret which wants to restore Ukrainian Orthodox Church of RC. In Universal patriarchy of the statement of Filaret called a lie and insist on lack of patriarchy in Ukraine. Ukraine imposed new economic sanctions against Russia the Cabinet imposed mirror sanctions against the Russian Federation and also new duties. Since August 1 Ukraine introduces the special duty for all goods from the Russian Federation, except group of sensitive import - coal, coke, gasoline, liquefied gas and pharmaceutical products. Besides, the Cabinet of Ministers expanded the list of the forbidden Russian goods. To import to the territory of Ukraine the portlandtsement, aluminous cement, cement slag, the cement and similar hydraulic cements unpainted or painted, ready or in the form of clinkers and also plywood glued are forbidden, to the panel veneered and similar materials from laminated wood. The Supreme Court cancelled AMKU penalties to Kolomoysky's companies the Supreme Court of Ukraine confirmed the judgment of the first instance on cancellation of a fine of Antimonopoly committee of 50 million dollars concerning the companies of the businessman Igor Kolomoy



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